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ECU (Electronic Control Unit) electronic control unit, also known as 'driving computer', 'on-board computer' and so on. In terms of use, it is a car-specific microcomputer controller.

Like ordinary computers, it consists of microprocessor (MCU), memory (ROM, RAM), input/output interface (I/O), analog-to-digital converter (A/D), and large-scale integrated circuits such as shaping and driving. composition. To use a simple word to describe is 'ECU is the brain of a car.'

The ECU's voltage operating range is generally 6.5-16V (the internal key has a voltage regulator), the operating current is 0.015-0.1A, and the operating temperature is -40 °C ~ 80 °C. It can withstand vibration below 1000Hz, so the probability of ECU damage is very small. In the ECU, the CPU is the core part. It has the function of calculation and control. When the engine is running, it collects the signals of each sensor, performs calculations, and calculates the operation. The result is transformed into a control signal that controls the operation of the controlled object. It also controls the memory (ROM/FLASH/EEPROM, RAM), input/output interface (I/O), and other external circuits; the program stored in the memory ROM is based on data calculated with precision calculations and extensive experimentation. Out, this inherent program constantly compares and calculates the signals of the collected sensors while the engine is running. The results of the comparison and calculation are used to control various parameters such as engine ignition, air-fuel ratio, idle speed, and exhaust gas recirculation.

The ECU generally has fault self-diagnosis and protection functions. When the system generates a fault, it can also automatically record the fault code in the RAM and use protection measures to read the replacement program from the above-mentioned inherent program to maintain the engine operation. At the same time, these fault information will be displayed on the instrument panel and remain intact, which will enable the owner to find the problem in time and drive the car to the repair shop.

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