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Wifi module
Wifi module

Wi-Fi modules can be divided into three categories: 1, universal Wi-Fi modules, such as mobile phones, notebooks, tablet

The USB or SDIO interface module on the brain, the Wi-Fi protocol stack and driver are running in Android, Windows, IOS systems, which requires a very powerful CPU to complete the application; 2. The router scheme Wi-Fi module, typical It is a home router. The protocol and driver are based on a chip with a powerful Flash and Ram resources plus a Linux operating system. 3. An embedded Wi-Fi module, a 32-bit microcontroller, a built-in Wi-Fi driver and protocol, and an interface for a general MCU interface. UART, etc. Suitable for all kinds of smart home or smart hardware items.

Many manufacturers have already tried to add Wi-Fi modules to TVs, air conditioners and other devices to build wireless home intelligence systems. Realize the control of APP and the docking with the Internet giants such as Alibaba Cloud, Jingdong Cloud, Baidu Cloud, etc., so that home appliance manufacturers can quickly realize the networked intelligence of their products and realize the interconnection and intercommunication with more other appliances.

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