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Industrial power supply
Industrial power supply

Power lithium battery power system and manufacturing equipment industry: fuel cell power supply system, solar photovoltaic battery power system, power metal hydride nickel battery system.

Electric vehicle power system, new energy electric vehicle, electric vehicle battery group application technology, lithium ion power battery group application technology and lead-acid battery, valve-controlled sealed lead-acid battery, cadmium nickel battery, iron-nickel battery, zinc-nickel battery , metal hydride nickel battery, polymer lithium battery, zinc air battery, zinc air battery, silver oxide storage battery, silver oxide battery, molten salt heat battery, sodium sulfur battery, high temperature battery, alkaline manganese battery, zinc manganese dry battery, As a storage battery for all types of energy storage.

Other new chemical power and physical power and power battery charging, discharging equipment and application technology, manufacturing and testing equipment industry, supporting raw materials, components and other types of batteries.

Communication, finance, railway, metallurgy, chemical, transportation, automation, industrial control, power electronics.

Power management and power control system equipment.

Marine transportation, marine power battery power system; electric motor vehicle, automobile, bicycle power battery power system, defense military electronics; aerospace power battery power system equipment.

Power monitoring, test equipment and manufacturing equipment industry: power online monitoring, performance testing equipment, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) anti-interference testing equipment and various types of power testing equipment and manufacturing equipment industry.

Power supply components and manufacturing equipment industry: power management power devices, inductors, battery materials, magnetic materials, electronic transformers, power filters and manufacturing equipment industries.

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