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Because the switch has a very high bandwidth internal switch matrix and back bus, and all the ports are attached to the back bus, the data can be directly and quickly transmitted to the destination node instead of all nodes through the internal switching matrix. It will not waste network resources, resulting in very high efficiency. At the same time, the security of data transmission is very high, and it is welcomed and generally praised by users.

The same bandwidth shared by each port of the hub is that the data bandwidth of the switch is exclusive. Under this premise, in the same time period, the switch can transfer data to multiple nodes, and each node can enjoy a fixed part of the bandwidth as a separate network segment, so there is no other device. The need to compete for practical use.

The switch works in the second layer of the OSI reference model, the data link layer. The CPU inside the switch will form a MAC table by mapping the MAC address to the port when each port is successfully connected. In future communications, packets destined for this MAC address will be sent only to their corresponding ports, not all ports. Therefore, the switch can be used to divide the data link layer broadcast, ie the collision domain; but it cannot divide the network layer broadcast, ie the broadcast domain.

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