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Switch 10
Switch 10

Broadly speaking, there are two types of network switches: WAN switches and LAN switches. WAN switches are mainly used in the telecommunications field to provide a basic platform for communication. LAN switches are used in local area networks to connect terminal devices such as PCs and network printers. From the transmission medium and transmission speed, it can be divided into Ethernet switches, Fast Ethernet switches, Gigabit Ethernet switches, FDDI switches, ATM switches and Token Ring switches. From the scale application, it can be divided into enterprise-level switches, department-level switches and workgroup switches. The scale of each vendor is not completely consistent. Generally speaking, enterprise switches are rack-mounted, and department-level switches can be rack-mounted (small number of slots) or fixed configuration, and working groups. The level switch is a fixed configuration (simplified function). On the other hand, from the perspective of the scale of the application, when it is a backbone switch, the switch supporting large enterprise applications with more than 500 information points is an enterprise-class switch, and the switch supporting medium-sized enterprises with 300 information points or less is a department-level switch, and supports 100. The switches within the information points are workgroup switches.

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