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Quality Engineer》

Post duties:

1. eriodic communication with customer to monitor and improve customer’s satisfactory;
2. Obtain customer feedback to quality status of all delivered parts and service, sensitive enough to make priority for customer feedback, sensitive enough to filter out significant customer complaints;
3 . Organize to make corrective and preventive action to customer complaints and follow up to solve; 

4. Help customer to do process and product audit to find improvement space to lower customer complaints to our products;  
5. Maintain documents and records; 

6. Accomplish other tasks assigned by superiors;


 a. Bachel degree or related field ;
 b. Minimum 4 years quality control experience;  
 c. Have customer complaints handling experience and good communication ability with customer.;   
 d. Strong problem-solving skill; 

 e. Familiar with corrective and preventive actions;  
 f. Familiar with process control quality tools;  
 g. Systematic quality mind; 

 h. Good communication ability in English;

Yingcai is looking forward to your joining

Recruitment position:hardware engineer

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for completing the hardware board of the product, design and development of logic circuit; assisting PCB design and single board trial processing;

2. Complete the project requirements overall plan, device selection, schematic design, commissioning, test and maintenance optimization, etc., and be responsible for the design quality;

3. Write various documents and standardized materials in time;

4. Provide technical support for the products of this unit;

5. Training and guiding the technical personnel of the production department to produce the hardware process of this unit.


1. College degree or above, communication, computer, electronics and other related majors;

2.more than two years of work experience in high-power power development;

3.proficient in Protel, PADS, Altium and other development tools; skilled use of IAR / Keil compiler debugging test code;

4. Strong sense of responsibility for work, good research spirit and teamwork awareness.

talents wanted

The era we are in is a new era of knowledge explosion. New products, new technologies emerge one after another, and the development of electronic technology is changing with each passing day. It is no exaggeration to say that the application of electronic technology is ubiquitous, and electronic technology is constantly changing our lives and changing our world.

Recruitment position:Technical Specialist/Assistant

Work content:

1. Assist the technical engineer in overall work, or the project team controls the production of defective products and makes maintenance records;

2. Assist in analyzing the abnormalities of the returned products, propose solutions and implement the tracking effect;

3. Assist the after-sales customer service to answer technical maintenance questions.

Job requirements:

1. Be lively, pragmatic, flexible, have good coordination skills, and be proactive;

2.age 18-30 years old, strong sense of responsibility, hard work, interested in electronic technology, I hope that the work can be further developed and career planning is better;

3.CUHK or above, electronic major, experience in electronics factory, hot air gun / welding familiarity;

4.with or without experience, can often be used for business travelers.

Company benefits:

1. Free daily fruit supply;

2. the traditional festival has a holiday fee; birthday red envelope;

3. There is a lunch break and a blanket for lunch break;

4. Regular group tour of employees;

5.salary treatment: labor law + commission + full attendance + bonus + salary for working age, monthly bonus of 500 yuan +, half year to enjoy the year-end award;

6. You can enjoy 5 days of paid annual leave when you enter the company for 1 year;

7.working hours 7.5-11 hours, six days.