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2023-10 Recruitment position:

1.《Business assistant for Russia》

Work content:

1. Follow up on daily affairs of overseas business projects

2. Assist superiors to complete the tasks in department

3. Sorting and put together daily data statement, correct and report if irregularities showed.

4. Follow up on projects with PMP project management process, promote e-commerce platforms and edit various product documents

5. Remain in daily communication with foreign customers, like CON-CALL, request minutes of the meeting and document translation, etc.

6. Complete other work assigned by superiors

7. Better compensation if outstanding

Job requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in Russian;

2.More than one year experience in foreign trad. The one familiar with import and export trade business process and related laws and legislation is preferred;

3. Proficient in Russian listening, speaking, reading and writing, fluently communicate, have a meeting and do business with customers which are mandatory requirements. The company provides chance of promotion;

4. Adapt to short-term overseas business trips, practical and hard-working outstanding graduates can be preferred;

5. Hold a passport(optional);

6. Have strong ability in copywriting and analyzing data.

Capacity requirements:

1.Proficient in Office, PPT, PS, graphic design software, etc;

2. Be Able to independently translate Russian or English , conduct business negotiations, scheme selection and verification, have a strong ability to analyze problems;

3. A good team player and business trip acceptable.

2Maintenance engineer (on business trip)》

Work content: Repair electronics

Job requirements:

1.Have experience in electronic circuit theory and practical maintenance;

2. Comprehend computer, supercomputer server, mobile phone RF circuit;

3. Have passion for technology. The company provides training and opportunities;

4. Have elementary proficiency in English, hold a passport.

Employee benefits:

1.Room and board three squares a day for business travel abroad;

2. Room for work in Shenzhen.

3《Maintenance Apprentice》

Background: TRSHUA Technology (SZ) Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as 'TRSHUA') is national high-tech enterprises which provides global after-sales services in cutting-edge server switches, mobile phones, security equipment boards and cards. TRSHUA is currently one of the leading enterprises in the maintenance technology industry around the world. To meet the development demands of the corporate technical business, TRSHUA now recruite electronic maintenance apprentices as technical reserves for the development of the company (90% before maintenance apprentices have achieve master titles after working for 3 years).

Job requirements:

1.Major in electronic circuits or related or have theoretical knowledge or experience in electronic circuit;

2. Be hardworking, work actively, have a sense of responsibility and passion for learning electronic technique;

3. The one who have experience in iron soldering and hot air gun.

Employee Benefits:

1.Salary: comprehensive monthly salary;

2.Working hours: 26 days a month;

3.Other benefits: accommodation, dormitory with air conditioning, hot water. Fruits, snacks, dinner parties, travel, year-end bonus, technical bonus, etc.