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Switch 13
Switch 13

Exchange is a general term for the technology of sending the information to the corresponding routing that meets the requirements by manually or automatically completing the method according to the needs of information transmission at both ends of communication. Switches can be divided into wide area network switches and local area network switches based on their different working positions. A wide area switch is a device that performs information exchange functions in a communication system and is applied at the data link layer. A switch has multiple ports, each with a bridging function that can connect to a local area network or a high-performance server or workstation. In fact, switches are sometimes referred to as multi-port bridges.

A network switch is a device that expands a network and provides more connection ports for connecting more computers in a subnetwork. With the development of the communication industry and the advancement of national economic informatization, the network switch market is showing a steady upward trend. It has the characteristics of high cost-effectiveness, high flexibility, relative simplicity, and easy implementation. Ethernet technology has become the most important LAN networking technology today, and network switches have become the most popular switches.

Switch is the English name for a switch. This product is an upgrade from the original hub and does not differ significantly from the hub in appearance. Due to the need for information transmission at both ends of communication, the method of sending the information to the corresponding router that meets the required standards through equipment or manual means is called switch technology. In a broad sense, the devices that implement information exchange functions in communication systems are switches.

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