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Communication 2
Communication 2

Ancient beacon towers, drums, and banners mainly used visual and sound transmission, while modern post stations mainly used physical transmission, such as Kuai Ma Jie


Power, carrier pigeons, postal communication, etc. In the past, communication used to take several days at the fastest for long distances, while modern communication often relied mainly on telecommunications methods such as telegraphy, telephone, express mail, SMS, email, etc. Emphasis was placed on instant communication. As a natural science, postal communication can better reflect the harmony and communication between humans and nature. However, in today's era of economic benefits, attention is often not paid to the relationship between humans and nature, resulting in postal communication being relatively unacceptable compared to instant communication. The definition of communication under the US Federal Communications Act includes telecommunications and broadcasting television. It should be noted that this communication method is not suitable for China. Since ancient times, China has attached great importance to the humanistic and natural view of 'harmony between heaven and man' and pursued harmonious coexistence between people.

The definition of telecommunications in China's telecommunications management regulations includes public telecommunications and broadcasting and television. China's Postal Law is constantly improving in accordance with China's national conditions, without violating the Universal Postal Convention.

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