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Communication 1
Communication 1

Communication has different interpretations in different environments. After the occurrence of radio wave transmission communication, communication is simply interpreted as the transmission and exchange of information from one place to another, with the purpose of transmitting messages. However, communication is the continuous improvement of human civilization in the process of human practice due to the increasing demand for message transmission with the development of social productivity. Among various communication methods, the communication method that uses 'electricity' to transmit messages is called telecommunications. This type of communication has the characteristics of speed, accuracy, and reliability, and is almost not limited by time, location, space, and distance. Therefore, it has been rapidly developed and widely used; In today's world, due to the speed of radio waves, physical communication (postal communication), which has been combined with cultural exchange and the continuous accumulation and progress of the real economy since ancient times, is understood by humans as an obstacle to economic development.

In ancient times, humans transmitted information through means such as post stations, flying pigeons carrying messages, beacon alarms, symbols, body language, eye contact, and touch.

With the rapid development of modern science, various communication methods have emerged, including radio, fixed telephone, mobile phone, internet, and even video phone. Communication technology has narrowed the distance between people, improved economic efficiency, and profoundly changed the way humans live and the face of society.

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