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Video recorder
Video recorder

There are various video recording models, but their main components are the same, including a magnetic head system. Magnetic tape transmission system, video signal processing system, servo system, mechanical control system, audio signal processing system, power supply. The magnetic head system includes video recording and playback heads, audio recording and playback heads, control signal recording and playback heads, demagnetization heads, etc.

1. Recording and playback head: Its main function is to achieve the transformation of electromagnetic signals during recording and playback. When recording, the recording wavelength is proportional to the speed of the magnetic tape and inversely proportional to the frequency λ = V/F recording wavelength λ (micrometers), V-belt speed (meters/second), and f-frequency (megahertz) Due to the high frequency of video signals, recording requires a high magnetic tape speed. To improve the relative speed between the video head and the magnetic tape, the video head is installed on a high-speed rotating drum. In a dual head spiral scan video recorder, the rotation speed of the magnetic drum is equal to the frame rate of the television signal, and its rotation once is exactly the period of one frame of the signal. Audio head, recording and playback sound, control head, recording and playback control signal, noise reduction head, erasing magnetic track. This system mainly completes the functions of belt walking and threading. The tape path and position, threading method, and status of different video recorders are different. The threading status can be divided into non threading type, semi threading type, and full threading type.

2. The servo system of magnetic tape transmission system refers to the use of automatic control technology to control a certain mechanical quantity to maintain a predetermined constant value or change according to a certain pattern. carrier frequency 

3. Video signal processing system This system mainly consists of recording channels and playback channels. Decompose the color full TV signal into brightness and chrominance signals in the recording channel, and use low carrier frequency and shallow frequency modulation methods for the brightness signal. When replaying a 5-10MHZ high band video recorder and a 4-5MHZ low band video recorder, the chromaticity signal is upscaled, the brightness signal is demodulated, and the two are mixed to form a full TV signal output.

4. Servo system

5. The mechanical control system is composed of functional operation buttons, logic circuits, and electromechanical action components.

6. Audio signal processing system

7. Power supply

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